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OpenCVE includes an admin section, useful to manage your instance data. The admin panel is available at https://your_instance/admin.

Display Statistics

The homepage displays some global statistics :

  • number of users
  • number of CVEs
  • number of reports
  • number of vendors and products
  • the date of the last task (to synchronize the data)
  • the top vendors, products and reports per user
  • the number of registered users per day, month or current week

Admin Home

Manage Objects

OpenCVE uses Flask-Admin to let you list and display the following objects :

  • Users
  • CVEs
  • Events
  • Vendors
  • Products

Admin CVEs

For some of them, like the users, vendors and products, it's also possible to create and update the items:

Admin Edit User

CVEs changes

When the NVD updates some CVEs, a new JSON file containing the changes is published. OpenCVE regularly parse this file and create a task containing changes.

A change is linked to a CVE and is composed of events:

Admin Task

You can then display the visual diff of each change:

Admin Change Diff